Clear the Clogs with Expert Drain Cleaning in Louisville

It's appealing to overlook a slow-moving drain and continue on with your normal routine in Louisville. It's just a nuisance, right?

It might appear to be unimportant at the start, but a clogged drain can create bigger—and more expensive—problems. It could be induced by hair, a grease buildup or various issues that are narrowing your pipes.

Becht/Givens Service Experts can discover the root of your obstruction and get it resolved before you wind up with leaking—or worse, broken—pipes and a water-damaged house.

We use a high-tech video drain inspector that lets us view what’s going on in your pipes. Our video scopes make it easy to locate plumbing issues and repair them.

We have the skills and tools to extract any type of clog that’s creating plumbing trouble in your home. Plus, all of our work is supported by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a year.* 

How to Prevent Clogs

Clogs can manifest themselves in one fixture like a sink, shower or bathtub—backing up or draining slowly. You might find you have several fixtures backing up, which likely signals you have a blockage in your main drain system.

Here are some ways you can prevent clogs from occurring:

  • Clean drain stoppers and purchase a hair-straining drain trap.
  • Don't flush materials that don't break apart in water, such as feminine products or baby wipes.
  • Don't dump grease or oil down your drains.
  • Check your plumbing vent pipe on your roof is not blocked.

In spite of the best defensive measures, you can wind up with an obstruction in your plumbing system and need a drain cleaning.

Other Signs You Need a Drain Cleaning

A regular sewer smell in your home could mean you need a drain cleaning. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you may have a damaged sewer pipe.

Regardless, Becht/Givens Service Experts will help you take care of the problem and clear that horrible odor.

From finding and clearing clogs to cleaning greasy drains to fixing more serious issues, Becht/Givens Service Experts has you covered. We’ll have your drains flowing properly in no time.