How Often Should You Do AC Maintenance?

The temperature is heating up outside, and your AC is working harder than ever before to keep your rooms comfortable. You may be wondering, how often should you do AC maintenance in Louisville? If you missed it this spring, you’ve got more time to reap the benefits from this essential regular service! Here are the reasons your air conditioner should have air conditioning maintenance annually.

A planned consultation is more convenient than an emergency repair.

Preventive maintenance is a usual bill you can see coming and brace for. It also gives your tech an opportunity to locate problems early and execute minor air conditioning repairs before they make major costs down the road. You don’t want your air conditioning to die in the middle of the warmest weeks of summertime (an uncared for system normally give out when it’s exerting itself the hardest, on the warmest day). Seasonal service on your cooling system will make it less likely to stop functioning and require any other service this year, saving your wallet and offering you peace of mind all season long.

Your energy expenses will get cheaper.

A well-cared-for air conditioner performs easily and efficiently. This means your air conditioner wastes less energy, creates less pollutants, and lessens your electricity charges. That by itself is usually sufficient for the expense of seasonal maintenance to pay for itself, making it a useful annual investment.

Your air conditioner will have a longer life.

As if the reduced costs from rare failures and lower power charges weren’t enough, regular AC unit maintenance also helps your home’s cooling system last longer. You can expect to get a a handful of extra years out of a maintained AC in contrast to an ignored machine. This fact may save you a decent amount of money in the long run, simply by calling for seasonal service.

Your house will feel better.

Almost all of the tasks completed during seasonal sessions help the equipment cool your space more effectively. Anticipate enhanced airflow, reduced hot and cold spots, improved humidity regulation and almost noiseless operation. These enhancements assure your home is comfortable even when the heat rises dramatically during the summer.

Your warranty needs annual maintenance.

If your home comfort system is still under warranty, look through your policy. You will most likely learn that replacement components are just covered if you can demonstrate that you service the equipment regularly. This is because the makers realize that routine maintenance can help stop malfunctions. Make certain to maintain a log of your service visits as evidence in the event you should need to file a claim.

A number of reputable bodies suggest annual maintenance.

Are you confident the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Energy and ENERGY STAR® won’t lead you off the right track? If so, consider that these established institutions all believe that seasonal home comfort system maintenance is important for decreasing the need for last-minute fixes, maximizing energy efficiency, and increasing the lifetime of your air conditioner.

Becht/Givens Service Experts provides excellent AC services to homeowners throughout the U.S. and Canada. Select us to maintain your air conditioning and you’ll benefit from a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee* for the following year. We also supply annual membership plans to streamline your maintenance needs and make your home comfort truly worry-free. To discover more, or to plan a “no entry” air conditioner maintenance appointment, please contact us at 502-785-8230 today.

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