Dont Neglect Your Air Conditioner this Winter

As the crisp chill of autumn begins to float through the air, you know winter is not far away. Now’s the time to set aside a few moments to ready your AC for the off-season. Shutting down your AC as summer wanes safeguards it against severe winter weather that could decrease its lifespan. A few basic steps are all you’ll need to prime your air conditioner for maximum efficiency come spring.

Deep Clean Your Air Conditioner

As the seasons change, your outdoor AC unit becomes a landing spot for fallen leaves and pine cones. This is a handy time to wear your work gloves, get rid of this debris and gently flush out the outdoor condensing unit. Be sure the outside temperature is comfortably above freezing before putting water into the unit. Then, remove any particularly uncooperative leaves or twigs that remain stuck in the nooks and crannies and make a final sweep around the unit. This helps protect against winter winds from sending debris back into or underneath your air conditioning system.

Maintain the AC Unit

If you overlooked scheduling seasonal air conditioning maintenance last spring, it’s still not too late! Arrange to have a certified technician conduct an AC tune-up before it becomes too chilly. This tune-up and inspection includes determining the refrigerant level and testing for leaks, examining and tightening electrical connections, lubricating moving parts and testing the system safety controls, among other tasks. Scheduled air conditioner maintenance improves efficiency, extends your unit’s life span and can find minor issues before they grow into expensive problems.

Disconnect Your Air Conditioner

When you’re confident43 you have used your AC for the last time during the hot summer months, find the condensing unit’s outdoor power switch. Lift up the protective covering, flip the switch off and secure the lid once more. This simple procedure prevents you from accidentally running the air conditioner during the winter months. An unintended switch to cooling mode when the condensing unit is covered with ice could cause irreversible damage.

Examine the Exterior Unit

Powering down your AC after the cooling season involves more than just flicking off a switch. It’s also an opportunity to examine the outdoor unit’s condition. Check for cracks, dents, rust or other external issues. Make sure that all seals and insulation are secure and everything looks in order. If you spot any issues, call a qualified technician to service the air conditioner before the issue gets worse. This preventive move helps you avoid unpleasant surprises when you turn on your air conditioner after its long winter hibernation.

Guard Your Air Conditioner Against Falling Ice

While some homeowners cover their outdoor air conditioning units with a tarp or a commercially available AC cover, this strategy often brings about more problems than it solves. Moisture can condense on the unit through the plastic, stopping evaporation and encouraging rust or mold proliferation. Rats might even view your covered AC unit as a cozy winter den, and also gnaw through crucial wiring and leave you with an unwelcome repair bill in the spring.

Despite all this, shielding your AC from falling icicles is still key to preventing internal damage. The best compromise is to cover the top of the air conditioner with some plywood weighed down with bricks or large rock to make certain the wind doesn’t knock it over. Leaving the outdoor unit’s sides open to the winter elements should not cause any harm.

Routinely Inspect the Unit

Once your air conditioning system is correctly winterized, you can’t simply forget about it until you need it next spring. To make sure it stays in good shape, take a peek at your AC about every week or so. Adjust the plywood if necessary and remove any leaves or pine needles caught in the condensing unit. Routine winter care helps prevent any nasty surprises come spring.

Schedule Air Conditioning Service Today in Louisville

Preparing your air conditioner for winter weather may not be the most thrilling task, but the benefits are considerable. Not only does it prevent expensive repairs and delays when you want air conditioning next spring, but it also promotes your unit’s efficiency and length of service.

For dependable, skilled assistance with the air conditioning tasks outlined above, turn to Becht/Givens Service Experts. Our team provides top-notch service to help our customers avoid HVAC issues all year. With Becht/Givens Service Experts by your side, you’ll enjoy the security of knowing your home comfort is in highly capable hands. To schedule an AC repair or maintenance visit, call Becht/Givens Service Experts today by calling 502-785-8230. Keep in mind, taking care of your AC today makes for a cooler, more comfortable tomorrow!

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